The Alpha's Warrior Mate

The Alpha's Warrior Mate

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Blaze By blackblaze15 Updated Apr 29, 2016

Aria Suri Cadwell is the mysterious new girl in summer lake high school.She never talks to anyone but she is a warrior and a badass,no one messes with her unless they have a death wish.

                                    Aiden Xavier Rhoads is not only a werewolf but also the alpha of blue moon pack,the strongest pack in the world.

The problem here is that aria is aiden's mate..but she is human..a werewolf never got a human as a mate in their history..this is what aiden thinks..but is it true??

Or this might be his assumption..
There is more..

Aria moved there on a purpose..
Aiden is determined to know about Aria.
secrets will be exposed..more threats will come..there is love,attraction..
{[plz give this book a chance]}

P.S:- The cover of this book is not made by me. I totally give credits to "wattpadcoverqueen" aka "@emmajean120" for the amazing cover!! Thank you for the cover emma :)

Dyeni_5 Dyeni_5 Feb 16, 2016
My first language is Tagalog if that helps and language is my best grade. I'm a freshman in high school in honors Latin 2.
darknightprime1 darknightprime1 Jan 16, 2016
I'd like you do know.  That bios for books are very important and when someone sees that names are bit capitalized and a few tiny errors they wonder how the book is.  Just a helpful thing to know.  Id advise checking everything or getting a beta.  How many languages do you know?
GilliganLu GilliganLu Jan 14, 2016
For English being ur second language you are doing extremely well.