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Creepypasta OC Guide lines

Creepypasta OC Guide lines

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Veronika By Veronika-the-Spirit1 Completed

This is basically a book about how to not make your OC a Mary/Gary Sue. I really bothers me when people do. Most of these are recommendations but some of them  please do........

See you in the first chapter! (I hope)

Badass_Valentine Badass_Valentine Sep 04, 2016
Mine is dark purple
                              Black ripped up jeans
                              And skull patterned converse
                              My twin sisters is dark pink
                              Black ripped up jeans 
                              And some checkered vans
GoldsberryDiggs GoldsberryDiggs Oct 10, 2016
And besides, according to science and light wavelengths, white light is technically all colors. 
                              Basically you, cliche author, think rainbows are creepy.
                              WELL THEY AINT!
VanillaViolet11 VanillaViolet11 Dec 31, 2016
I just use like red because my character's name is Bloody Rain
AnimeIsCool91021 AnimeIsCool91021 Nov 16, 2016
Green. Loads of smoky dark green and little men in grassy green hoods. Yes. I can see it now. Now I just need a name...
one of my ocs main color is a bright blue!! just his hair but i love ittttt
LeSenpai LeSenpai Jul 15, 2016
Im using white just for the clothes cuz she aint pale she tan tf