Dare Me • Marvel's Daredevil Fanfiction • Charlie Cox •

Dare Me • Marvel's Daredevil Fanfiction • Charlie Cox •

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TwinkieFry By ScarletMIX Updated Oct 31, 2016

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9 year old Matt Murdock was blinded as a child from toxic waste while saving a man. 
The toxic waste gave him superhuman abilities, heightening his senses to an extremely acute level. 

Karissa is accident-prone. 
Bad things always seem to be happening to her. Maybe it's magic, maybe it's supernatural. But someone in a black mask keeps defying these laws of fate. 

Matt and Karissa were close friends since grade school, but when they both went off the college, they drifted apart. Now that they've found each other again it's just like old times. Only there's a Crime Lord in Hell's Kitchen that goes by the name KingPin. 

What will happen in KingPin's quest to 'renew' the city? What will happen if Karissa is involved with these plans?
The man in the black mask may be her only hope.

  • action
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  • drama
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CreeperSpeedster CreeperSpeedster Nov 05, 2017
Am I allowed to criticize your writing stile ?
                              Try to use more different beginnings for your sentences.
BonnibellParker BonnibellParker May 05, 2017
                              Alleyway. Perfect. That's how I'll get away from scary men. To seclude myself away from witnesses. Yes.
TheBookFreak2343 TheBookFreak2343 Apr 15, 2017
Why didn't she tell her friend that people were following her??
10Queenfisher 10Queenfisher Nov 23, 2017
I really hope she has some superpowers or she's secretly badass otherwise all of her choices were absolutely wrong.
ilovekissrockandroll ilovekissrockandroll Dec 03, 2016
Do they know each other because he knows her name or he's a stocker at night which is hot
tomholland2k17 tomholland2k17 Jun 19, 2016
Don't do this to me😍😍 I looooove when people describe his voice 😏😏