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Chords(Harry Styles Love Fanfic)

Chords(Harry Styles Love Fanfic)

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Mrs Malfoy Styles By QueenofSalvatores Completed

Having an arranged marriage? Check. Have a bitch as a mum? Check. Have a criminal record? Check. No father? Check. Having to get married to Harry Styles? Check. 
Alexandra Steele, is a rebellious 17 year old; she parties all night long, she pickpockets, she shoplifts, and always ends up in a police station in the end of the day. What happens when her mum finally gets fed up of this, and arranges a marriage for her? And what happens when that person ends up as Harry Styles? One thing that Alex knows is that, no matter what, she won't get married... But love doesn't follow anyone's rules, and soon enough they've fallen hard for each other. But guess what love? Alexandra Steele doesn't follow rules either...

slaykhaleesi slaykhaleesi Feb 28, 2016
"You're no son of mine"
                              - Barty Crouch, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
calumsssbae calumsssbae Oct 14, 2014
hahaha in the trailer it says brakes instead of breaks ahahaha
DipityJules DipityJules May 04, 2014
I'm going to read this book all over again since I really love it!!
comfitnourry comfitnourry May 08, 2013
@QueenofSalvatores Thankss. :) The trailer is great. I like it. ;)
QueenofSalvatores QueenofSalvatores May 07, 2013
@HarrysCuppycake One Night by Ed Sheeran :) I hope you liked the trailer, I'm not really good in making them :P xxxxxxx
QueenofSalvatores QueenofSalvatores Mar 30, 2013
@Niallandosgirl Awww :D Thank you very much!!! :) This means so much to me, just thank youuu!!! :P xxxxxxx