Her Favorite Kidnapper // COMPLETED

Her Favorite Kidnapper // COMPLETED

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AgntPbbls By AgntPbbls Completed

"Getting kidnapped is not really new to me. Well, if you're the only daughter of the world's renowned billionaire and a secret mafia boss, random people would always want to have you, tail you, hurt you and ask money as ransom."

(c) AgntPbbls

Former title: Mafia Boss' Daughter and Her Favorite Kidnapper
(I changed it because I was told the title was too long to be even a title.)

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Freedom_Writer4 Freedom_Writer4 Dec 26, 2017
I won’t judge right away but I hope he isn’t like one of those preppy girls like that one off of High School Musical. In all honesty they don’t bug me that much only when I’m reading their thoughts in books 😂😂
SweetBitter25 SweetBitter25 Oct 22, 2017
I'm hooked already...love the way you start the book author😊
This chick is so cool and laid back despite who she is... 😆 I'm sick of drama 😆
BerthaMartinez452 BerthaMartinez452 Jun 21, 2016
The baby can still be alive as long as the heart is pumping. So they could have started cpr and did the c section.
Amity_Tree Amity_Tree Jan 12, 2017
If you think about it, if her father didn't plan it correctly than she could possibly hurt real bad. Yeah it may be a game to them, but a very dangerous game.
xshxnax xshxnax May 21, 2016
As soon as the mom dies the baby does too. A c section can't do anything for the baby if the mom is dead...