The Prom List

The Prom List

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Lord Voldemort By repswiftly Updated Jan 10, 2014

Senior prom is nearly here and Grace does not have a date or a boyfriend. The closest she’s had to a boyfriend was teaming up for a Science Project with the class geek. However, that doesn't count.

Grace isn't exactly desperate but if she turns up with no date to Senior Prom, what little rep she has will vanish. So her friend made a list of five boys who supposedly have a crush on her and she has five weeks to find the perfect date.

It’ll be no easy task, not when her crush is around. But why would the Captain of the football team like her? And can she avoid humiliating herself in front of him? She tries when he speaks to her for the first time since 6th Grade. However, she may even abandon the list if she could get him to like her or would that fail horribly leaving her with no date and boy who will never like her?

Five weeks, five boys…

Anything can happen.

_HaleyIsabelle _HaleyIsabelle Nov 23, 2013
Omg!! Read the last chapter, please continue!! Love the plots and story line! Great overall! @LovelyOwls
_HaleyIsabelle _HaleyIsabelle Nov 17, 2013
@LovelyOwls how did you create your book cover for the Prom List?
obfuscate obfuscate Feb 03, 2013
Your idea is one of the most unique and original I've seen here. Definitely hooked!
repswiftly repswiftly Jan 14, 2013
@InWonderLandAgain @Dare_to__be_Inspired @cloria Thanks guys and the first chapter has been uploaded if you want to read it :)
cloria cloria Jan 14, 2013
This sounds very interesting, I can't wait until it comes out :)
InWonderLandAgain InWonderLandAgain Jan 12, 2013
@LovelyOwls wow, can't wait to read this! :) Sounds very interesting. I love the cover as well and the cast :)