Hiccup x Reader

Hiccup x Reader

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Hiccup Pov

I huffed as I stepped in my room after a fairly tough day, being trampled by a large bunch dragons, and being chief in general.. I groaned as my face met a fluffy pillow.

The weight being the leader of Berk was difficult enough, but the weight felt like it was doubled when Astrid dumped me for Eret. Not that I could blame her. His looks, and is strong, a great dragon rider, a fairly quick learner, and many things that I'm not. thoughts got interrupted when there was a knock on my door that gave a soft echo through the room. 

"Hiccup, can I come in?" Asked my mother, a little muffled since the door was closed.

"Sure." I replied, sitting up. 

"Hiccup, I know it's been rough, being chief, and.. other things. So I wanted to help by taking over chief for a while. Until you...

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ShadeSpires ShadeSpires May 02
Um.. Correction: I'm like, what, seven, five inches shorter than Astrid? I dunno, but I'm really short.
ShadeSpires ShadeSpires May 02
Another correction, very sorry, but I'm sixteen. (last correction, I swear. But it's your story, I just put the things I want as a insert)
I'm going to use black onyx instead of diamond because I love the color
SAPHIRE!!! I have always loved sapphire even befor I knew it was my birth stone
Mine is garnet....
                              Amethyst and pearl.........and Steven!
Number one thought while reading this paragraph..... HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!!!!! AKA one of the best shows ever!