Sebastian Michaelis x Reader *LEMON*

Sebastian Michaelis x Reader *LEMON*

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It's a secret By stfu_and_go_away Completed


Ever since ciel found you wandering alone in the streets of London, he brought you home as a maid, and boy oh boy, the Butler Sebastian just made you feel all kinds of different emotions. Will he ever feel the same way? 

(This may be a long actual story and not just a lemon, but I'm not sure what I should do yet)

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EchonightNightlight5 EchonightNightlight5 Nov 02, 2017
I'm a little confused didn't Ciel just mention our name I know he didn't say the last name but I'm certain he said the first name
Woolywolfy Woolywolfy Aug 06, 2017
Nah you can look I'm fine but just say Bork when i say because I miss Gabe the end
anime0loveing0freak anime0loveing0freak Mar 12, 2017
I Bet You Could See Right Through That Blindfold.... You Didn't Have to Wear It... IM ALL YOURS!!!
Woolywolfy Woolywolfy Aug 06, 2017
Well he is a fricking demon so yes he is devilishly purrfect yes I did that just because he likes cats....
Woolywolfy Woolywolfy Aug 06, 2017
O.Odid you say ciel noooo don't say that it's young master and should you stay with him some one could kill him duuuuu
BringBackMaes14 BringBackMaes14 May 17, 2017
Tomorrow, he'll teach me the basics of being a maid, but tonight he teach me the basics and advances of being a demon's mate... 😏