Merlin - A Memory From Long Ago

Merlin - A Memory From Long Ago

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Merlin AU where Arthur had met Merlin before his arrival in Camelot. 

An eighteen year old Arthur Pendragon is captured by bandits. He meets a young boy named Merlin as he waits in the dungeon. What will happen between the two boys?

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin. And once again I do not take credit for the cover photo.

Snow927 Snow927 Jul 03
Don't worry,  I want to see Will too..  Though I suppose it's not the same Will...
I ship every ship in Merlin so this doesn't really affect me much.
I love merlin, he is the one person who isn't afraid to cry, and he smiles for other's sake. There is one thing that the BBC didn't mess up about the show, and that's Merlin's character. Although we partly have to thank Colin for that
NE1802 NE1802 Aug 09
Anybody else notice how close they got in only a matter of minutes ???
Me when I get out of my room
                              What ....? I like YouTube okay?
NE1802 NE1802 Aug 09
Why is it that I laugh every time I read 'Neckerchief ' ???? 😂