Merlin - A Memory From Long Ago

Merlin - A Memory From Long Ago

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Merlin AU where Arthur had met Merlin before his arrival in Camelot. 

An eighteen year old Arthur Pendragon is captured by bandits. He meets a young boy named Merlin as he waits in the dungeon. What will happen between the two boys?

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin. And once again I do not take credit for the cover photo.

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Breh so basically he stood there and watched as the prince was dragged away? 🐸🍵
Its not that he can't show "favouritism" it's just that he's a dick.
XD. I read these comments while lmao! You guys r so funny!(but true! Uthur is a dick, he can like his son, not incest, by true!)
Good because I ship Mergana, Freylin,  and whatever ship name Gwen and Arthur have lol
holliehindle holliehindle May 25, 2016
I ship every ship in Merlin so this doesn't really affect me much.