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My mate is the Alpha Prince!!!!!!

My mate is the Alpha Prince!!!!!!

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Christine Heart By Dove20 Completed

I was on the stage of the opera house, practicing my dances my routine and my songs. Being a werewolf helps, this opera house is for humans and werewolves so they know about us and we get along and the funny part is they think I am human, oh how I love tricking them. You see I am on a territory, so I am, rouge but hey they will never know until I leave to another one which I think won't be anytime soon. You see I can get rid of my scent and change it if I want to but I just get rid of it reasons are me and my wolf are rare and royalty my wolf is pure black with silver eyes, really you see my parents were the queen and king of the next kingdom over.

But when we were wiped out everyone died except me, I was 10 then and I dug every 2000 grave for every wolf. It took over a mouth to do but hey I gave them grave stones and engraved them with my best writing. The only stone you will never fine is mine I never put one up I could not do it so there are rumors out there about me but I just ignore them. I went to bed that night curled up in a ball as I cried my eyes out from the memories and eventually fell asleep
My name is Juliet Roper I am 18 years old, I was a princess, and now am an opera singer and rouge. and yet all of this is a dream, only to became different in real life. i am Juliet and this is my story

trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 27
Great premise but this needs a grammar and spelling checker.
AnnaESmith AnnaESmith Feb 25
your cover is from the movie Phantom of the Opera, that is Christine towards the end before the phantom takes away. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite movies.
ChunelleCEspanol ChunelleCEspanol May 28, 2015
Very well....Arigato Gosaimasu....Mérci Dove20 and Bon Chance
ChunelleCEspanol ChunelleCEspanol May 27, 2015
But Why this??? Not that I'm complaining or anything....Just curious...
ChunelleCEspanol ChunelleCEspanol May 27, 2015
Emma Bossum as Christine in the Phantom of the Opera....Nice Cover....