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Sweetest Revenge (Book 2)

Sweetest Revenge (Book 2)

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OneLovee_OneDream By OneLovee_OneDream Updated Mar 18

"Instead of a man of peace and happiness I've become a man of violence and revenge and I have came to enjoy it."

For two years Anastasia has had a limited memory of her past, limited being an understatement. She remembers nothing. Nothing of her childhood not one single memory. All she knows is what her brother and sister along with two friends have told her, which isn't much and the dreams. The dreams of woods of freedom calling to her, calling for her with an intoxicating voice that leaves her awakening with a lonely feeling a sad feeling. And grey eyes sketched into her mind. Anastasia yearns to have freedom to roam around it's something in her that seems restless having her siblings overbearing protective of her.  When they finally give in to her demands of taking a year off before going to college, she is thrown into a past that she can't seemed to remember but her heart seems to desire. A past that is hurt and bitter and a monster. 
A past that seeks revenge for those who have taken from him for those who have wronged him.  A past that desires nothing but the bliss of Sweetest Revenge.

EfftesumRahaman EfftesumRahaman Mar 27, 2016
yaay thanks soo so so so much, finally , thanks a lot , love you a lot. :* :*
Lolita1902 Lolita1902 Jul 14, 2015
AWESOME!!!! I am so happy that the sequel is here!!! Can't wait to continue to read the fallowing chapters!!!!!
MichelaAmoruso MichelaAmoruso Jul 13, 2015
Oh holy guacamole Anastasia get your freedom back and go to your man. First beat his ass and then kiss him relentlessly and then beat him again but in wolf form. And mark him. But don't take it out on Max  he was only trying to protect you from the dbass of your mate.
Noe_bellprize Noe_bellprize Jul 13, 2015
if she's 18 then they don't really have a choice in what she does....
cosmiclife cosmiclife Jul 13, 2015
I wonder what will happen next ? I have to forget the older version of this story. Please don't change it again!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!
Emerald93 Emerald93 Jul 13, 2015
Wow time sure did fly by, the chap. was great and I can't wait for the next update :)