тoυcн нer and yoυ're dead (Shadow x Reader x Scourge)

тoυcн нer and yoυ're dead (Shadow x Reader x Scourge)

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♡  ꈍ .̮ ꈍ ♡ By EriTy_ Updated Nov 01, 2016

Art/Book cover not mine. ;-; I'll create one soon. 

*Disclaimer* All Sonic Characters are rightfull owned by SEGA!!

This is a Shadow x Reader x Scourge ^u^ 

My First X-Reader hope yall like :D

Mysterious POV:
~When I first saw (Y/N) She was all I could see,her lips,her hair,her smile.Ever since I first saw her she had drawn me closer and closer to her...Something about that girl sparks something deep...In my heart.

~(Y/N) had gotten under my skin

Ohhhh this is going to be good XD

This story is not edited from mistakes; so watch out for that.

Excuse me but.........
                              Do we call it planet Saturn, no. Do we call it planet mars, no. So DON'T call it planet earth.
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The mysterious tress species were found dead while the trees are no where in sight.lol