Rescue Me (Currently Editing)

Rescue Me (Currently Editing)

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WARNING: If you are reading this for the first time I am in the process of heavily editing this story. It's slow going, but I'm doing it as quickly as I can. If you wish to read the older version then please continue and read this book but just know, if you come back to it, things may be different/edited/better then before. Thanks!

I am a freak. I am not loved. I live with my parents who abuse me all the time. I go to school with werewolves but I am a witch. I do not talk to anyone and I haven't since I was in 5th grade. My name is Olivia Clark. I am alone and a freak. I am always thinking that one day my knight in shining armor will burst through my door and rescue me. It won't happen. I have tried escaping. I am always found. 

One day, everything changes. Is it for better or worse? I am not sure... I find out that I am not alone in the world and there are people that care about me. But what if there are always two people that take it all away? Not only that, but I have a destiny unlike any other that I don't want to fullfill. I have to save the world from evil. Someone please, rescue me.

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SarBro1729 SarBro1729 Jan 14
MATES DEY ARE MATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dedicated_Rainbow Dedicated_Rainbow Mar 21, 2016
Lol I really thought Dakota as a girl XD I dnt evn kno y xxD
Weight_of_living Weight_of_living Aug 03, 2014
Stop! Like your all bagging on her writing! Its great amd Dakota can be a boys name!
Sarahthemonopolyman Sarahthemonopolyman Feb 17, 2014
wow!i love this song and this is the 1st time i evr heard it! :D
supernaturalmom supernaturalmom Jan 04, 2014
I disagree with some of the previous comments. I thought it was a great beginning and real. You could tell she's lonely and a little depressed which is how someone would feel in her situation. I liked it.
BlackJag BlackJag Apr 02, 2013
Try not to make the paragraphs so long, it gets hard to read and it's kinda rushed.  You also repeat yourself a lot. 
                              @TheSpringMeadow890 Lol I have to agree, Dakota is a girl name, I have never once heard a guy named Dakota and I have heard many names.