The Country Boy

The Country Boy

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And it all happened at a football game in South Carolina.


He smiled at me, "I'm Christian Kiermaier, but you can call me Chris." His southern accent was thick. 

His cologne met my nose and it was good.

I breathed in a little more.

I smiled back at him, "I'm Kimberly Hughes."

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AllisonTruttling AllisonTruttling Jul 11, 2017
What type of family has a Ford, and Dodge, and a Chevy? I don't know about y'all but real "country" families pick one and stick to it 😂😂
Dixons_Crossbow Dixons_Crossbow Nov 15, 2017
Chevy! All you see is damn ford's in work shops. Break down 2 miles down the road.
Dorsey18 Dorsey18 Aug 07, 2017
If my mother ever hit me all hell would break loose in that house. And I may be a lady but if I ever saw a man hit a women that man would be dead in no time flat.
BlossomesKay BlossomesKay Apr 10, 2016
The cliché hurts it rlly does she sounds like a red neck ik we have red necks but why you gotta throw in the cliché southern person...
XxAshKoglin XxAshKoglin Jun 05, 2016
That is exactly what my family used to dad still has his Dodge, but my mom switched from Ford to Jeep and my brother from Chevy to GMC.
MeMeselfI MeMeselfI Dec 28, 2015
Some of the best vehicles ever!!!! Although I do like the small ford rangers