Is She Lost? (Camren)

Is She Lost? (Camren)

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She was losing her best friend she just knew but it looks like her best friend wasn't noticing. 
She wasn't just losing her friend she was losing the girl she fell in love with. 
She couldn't understand why they were so hurt when it wasn't even her Fault. 

It's hard to become famous and deal with the new found Fame but when the spot light becomes too bright and and starts blinding the person you care for the most it's hard to get them back to the reality. 

Camila's always been the shy one of the group. Well not exactly shy but the one who gets most star struck especially when around her idol. Lately though her new Bestie Taylor Swift isn't exactly making the rest of the girls too happy especially when Camila is become to focused on having a friendship with her idol then even dreaming of actually spending time with her band mates and her Girlfriend Lauren.

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trustcaminah trustcaminah Aug 11, 2016
lmaoooo i love realistic fanfics i have a feeling im gonna like this