Sundered Blade

Sundered Blade

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Alex J Wynter By KurokageJS Updated Jan 11, 2016

When Leila grew up, she wanted to be something she couldn't. A swordsman.  It's not exactly the career choice that many women dare to make.  But Leila dares.  And she's not going to let people tell her otherwise, even if she wrecks her own body to do it.

Together with her brother Dean, they do  odd jobs as Freelancers, selling their skills for coin. When they take on a job at a charity event,  it doesn't go as planned.  Of course it doesn't. Why would anything ever go as planned?   Since then, trouble follows them with a vengeance. Boyband brats, Freeman terrorists, strange pale-haired men - why do these things keep turning up wherever Leila goes?   

Cover made by the awesome Nasmir!

  • action
  • action-adventure
  • fighting
  • friendship
  • funny
  • futuristic
  • humor
  • sciencefiction
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