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Hate (and Secretly Love) Percy X Reader

Hate (and Secretly Love) Percy X Reader

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fUCKKKK By GlitteryxGalaxy Updated Aug 13, 2016

 Daughter of Hephaestus. Not a big title. You're an offspring of the dude of fire. Blacksmith fire to be specific. 

He got thrown off Olympus for being weak, handicapped, and lame. You'd think gods and goddesses would act like adults. But anyway, they invited him back because of his craftiness with his hands. 

You were also crafty with your hands, and you practically made all the helpful and cool stuff. But you were only helpful to help fix or tweak people's swords and armor, mostly from the Ares cabin. But you could do SOOO much more.

But no one cared. You've been at Camp Half-Blood since you were 4 years old. You are now 17. Never once been on a mission. You've heard a lot about Percy Jackson and the other new campers that kept on getting missions and acing them. You were so mad that some dude named Percy Jackson was alway, ALWAYS in the spot light. 

When he first came here he was greeted with an important mission, return the lightning bolt to Zeus. You've been here for 13 years,...

Besides I have skills to pay the bills while u have skills that can barely pay your mortgage
insanitics insanitics Sep 30, 2016
                              LEO: YOU KNOW HOW YOU GET
LexiplierMendes LexiplierMendes Nov 03, 2016
Oh that was so disrespectful FISH STICK U WANNA GO COME AT ME BIH
AnimeYatoGuru AnimeYatoGuru Oct 01, 2016
                              BITCH *SUPRISE DROP KICK*
                              *PUTS ON THUG GLASSES* 
                              THUG LIFE BIATCH
AurumCipher AurumCipher Jun 09, 2016
If I wasn't his sister he could've stayed. Luckily my mom's Hecate!
XxPastelRainBowxX XxPastelRainBowxX Dec 23, 2016
Actually PErcy isn't cocky, he's the opposite of that, he's actually humble and no one calls hime seaweed brain except Annabeth and no one has been longer at camp than Annabeth and you can't leave without Chiron or Mr.D's permission.