The bad boy Wants me? || boyxboy

The bad boy Wants me? || boyxboy

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HarryandLukeisBAE By HarryandLukeisBAE Updated Aug 03

Little, shy, innocent Jamie's life is turned upside down when he moves with his mom and sister to Wisconsin, which is a long way to go from Florida, due to his mother's job transfer, In this new environment he has to adapt to a new school, redwood high school, but Jamie has one secret... he's gay and he doesn't want anyone to know, well maybe not everyone just his homophobic family, knowing that they won't accept him. 
So what does Jamie do when the underground fighter bad boy takes an interest in him? read to find out.

⚠ WARNING: there will be sexual boyxboy scenes so If you're not into that don't read plus there will be TONS of fluff~

sorry for the crappy description I'm not good with them..

A majority of guys at my school are described like this, well besides the "bulging" muscles, they have muscles but not as big as that😂
Dal and Jamie sitting in a tree
                              first comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage
It's honestly hilarious that these parents don't know their kid is gay, like I'm in public and I take one look at people I already know, like not in a rude way but you could tell
catpun catpun Jul 10
Yeah, they wouldnt need to know that, but sure, ill go with it. Imagine you walking up to someone, and they just say 'im gay,' to you, as if it is their only trait as a human being. Its so lame and boring and weird i just want to leave
I'm taller than everyone in this comment section... I feel kind of bad now lol
catpun catpun Jul 10
That is the worst name ever i would not say that aloud sorry