Essays for the 99% - The Auction - The Choice

Essays for the 99% - The Auction - The Choice

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When I wrote these essays, I knew they would be controversial. I knew that some people would call me a "Socialist," or a "Communist," or would hate me simply because I disagreed with them. What I did not know was that they would do so blindly, without ever having read my work. Not only that, but they down-vote the reviews of those who have.

To them I say:

Don't ever let someone else do your thinking for you. Make up your own mind. Read or listen to the Essays and decide for yourself.

For the record, I am not a Socialist or a Communist, nor do I support any "revolution" to that purpose. I do not expect anyone to agree with everything I write. Mostly what I have done is ask people to answer a few critical questions about themselves and this great nation, and the path that we are on.

I have proposed that our leaders should be Patriots, first and foremost, regardless of party affiliation. That they should love their country and their PEOPLE more than they love money. This does not seem "un-American" to me. To the contrary.

I believe that the two-party system has failed us. That it is folly to remove the crown from the head of one obstructionist party leader, only to place it on the head of another. I have reminded you that what is needed is a new path, a new course, with a brighter future, one that offers actual "hope" to you and me, not the "faux hope" propounded by the liars and and violators of our freedoms and rights, who call themselves our "leaders" today.

I encourage every patriotic American to read or listen to the Essays. Think about their message. If you disagree, tell everyone exactly why. If you have better ideas, tell us about those, too.

I wrote these essays because I love my country and my people. It pains me to see them suffer.

I cannot fiddle while our "Rome" burns.

Read the "Essays for the 99%," and decide for yourself.

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