Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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Zaynab By alecsboner Updated Dec 14, 2015

Imagine: Dean fussing over you when you accidentally cut yourself with a kitchen knife 

"Fuck!" You shouted."Babe, what do I have to kill?!" Dean says, a shotgun in hand, getting ready to hurt anyone. You laughed as you raised your bloody hand. "Its nothing, Dean" you said, showing him a small cut on your finger. He placed down his shotgun and he walks up to you, examining your finger."Its bleeding a lot, (Y/N)!" He exclaims as he places your hand under the running water.

"It's just a small cut, Dean.No biggie!" You laughed. But Dean wouldn't have it. He dab your cut dry. Switching off the stove, he pulls you into the living room, he seats you down on the sofa as he looks for the first aid kit.

He disinfects and sanitises your wound, applying medicine before placing a plaster over the small cut on your finger. He place a small kiss on the bandaid and smiles at his work.

He stops you just before you could head to the kitchen."No more knives. No more cooking. I'll do the work." he sa...

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Speedy_Squirrel Speedy_Squirrel Sep 24, 2017
So, i was like 8 or 9 and i was sharpening a knife to cut an orange. So to test its sharpness, I ran it across my finger. Im a genius!
Xx___Impala___xX Xx___Impala___xX Jun 11, 2017
Lmao mee
                              Best fren:*coughs* 
                              Me: WHO DID THIS TO YOU ? SHOULD I CUT A BITCH ??
Castielwinchester123 Castielwinchester123 Mar 05, 2016
I had a nightmare that... that you grew antlers of a real moose.. and i couldn' t fun my hands through your hair anymore...
ShamarahKimPalmera ShamarahKimPalmera Apr 15, 2016
i really like this cause i imagine i'm in the supernatural with dean winchester&sam winchester.
wizard_tribute wizard_tribute Jan 19, 2016
I'm squeeling right now this is the kind of book I have been looking for
Just-Goth Just-Goth Nov 23, 2015
i have a very dirty joke and I don't know if I should share it or not.