The Tried and The True(August Alsina) (WLAD) Trilogy The Third Chapter

The Tried and The True(August Alsina) (WLAD) Trilogy The Third Chapter

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"Where their love may not be enough. "

August and Phoebe, still struggling to overcome the constant hurdles in their life and love enriched relationship. August, has fallen for Phoebe, in less than a year and they're about to bring new life into the world. But sometimes, picture perfect isn't for everyone.  Phoebe's ex and first lover coming up dead and the mystery of her stalker Malcolm still to be solved, how does Phoebe make it out alive?

With Betrayal, deceit and hurt all on the line, Phoebe and August both find themselves in compromising positions as they can't seem to fathom the idea of together forever into their minds. Though Phoebe forever tattoed with August's name on her heart, falls victim to her surroundings and complicates their love even more. With Kaitlyn growing up, mortified by the distance of her bestfriend their worlds seem to fall apart at the seams but love is the only option.
Tied to their ever burning sexual escapades, August and Phoebe fumble after dark as they find out who is worth saving.

But the secrets, won't let go of them and  they keep crawling back for more. How scandalous can it get?
Explicit Content for the drama and development of the story. For Mature audiences only.

  All Rights Reserved 2015

Trilogy to My Forbidden Fruits.
WLAD (What Lies AfterDark)

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it's honestly the best protection. inmates sometimes purposely get themselves sent there to avoid altercations or getting hurt.
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