Sweet Expressions

Sweet Expressions

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When Gabriel and Sang are assigned to watch over bullying happening in a children's art class, Sang is on cloud nine that she actually gets to help with a mission. There's a catch though. Gabriel has to clean up his language, or they both will get kicked off the assignment. Not to be daunted, Sang comes up with a clever way to "Sweeten up" his colorful way of speaking to get them both through the assignment. But will they still be speaking to each other by the end of the mission, or even finish it without dropping the F bomb in a class full of little kids? It's anyone's bet.

A fan fiction based on the Ghost Bird series by C. L. Stone

I do not own The Academy Ghost Bird Series. Characters are the property of C. L. Stone and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

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Ashenry Ashenry Jul 27, 2016
I'm surprised he said tell them Instead of just telling them himself. Lol!
IAmCandi IAmCandi Jul 29, 2015
lol i love how he says it like if she says so, then no power on death can change it
Marilyn958 Marilyn958 May 21, 2015
This should be good! Never heard it called ice cream swearing though! Poor Gabe!
anon2404 anon2404 Apr 23, 2015
So here's one I missed.  It's on my radar now.  So step up Choosy I'd like some more please.
MeanieTrouble MeanieTrouble Apr 20, 2015
Oh my god can't wait to read the rest of this it's going to be hilarious
marthaclanton marthaclanton Apr 20, 2015
Bwahahahaha! This is going to be great!  I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us. ;)