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The Misfits and Outcasts {Andy Biersack x Reader}

The Misfits and Outcasts {Andy Biersack x Reader}

29.9K Reads 1.3K Votes 12 Part Story
universesinmyhead By universesinmyhead Completed

A girl who doesn't want to let anyone in due to a past relationship gone wrong, suddenly meets a man named Andy who seems to always be there for her. She has her walls built up but Andy is determined to break them <3

***The sequel is out!!! it's called Hello Again. Make sure to check it out in my works sections! Thank you!***

ryleighisapanda ryleighisapanda Oct 17, 2016
Okay, this makes me wonder: Did Jake die or did he severely break my heart?
ImKitKatKawaii ImKitKatKawaii Mar 29, 2016
Things not to say if you want to make a good impression on some one
chubRULEZ chubRULEZ Aug 17, 2016
There is something called death and it got near me for a split second
introvertedemo introvertedemo Nov 27, 2016
Wait how have they NEVER known each other or SEEN each other until now? Surely they have had to have smiled at each other or some shït like that
introvertedemo introvertedemo Nov 27, 2016
Everyone is like 'I wouldn't even reach his waist I'm that short' and I'm here like 'I'm 5'12'
tylerr_Dunsephh tylerr_Dunsephh May 25, 2016
I DONT LIKE HIM............................................I LOVE HIM