Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Reader) (Book 1)

Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Reader) (Book 1)

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(Y/N) is a normal girl, with a normal school, normal personality, almost normal everything. She however has a not so normal dad. Her father is Vincent and he recently murdered 5 children at a local pizzeria and was arrested soon after. Now living with a foster mom, (Y/N) now has to deal with the weird looks and harsh comments from everyone at school. 

With all this going on, 5 new students are now attending Crystal High, the same high school as (Y/N). 4 of them are boys and all 5 have gained popularity from just their talents and looks alone. What happens when the four guys are crushing on the same girl?

Book one: Daughter of a Murderer
Book two: The Rockstar's Girl
Book three: Life with a Murderer

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AnimatronicDJD AnimatronicDJD 7 days ago
I am not ugly if you say that again I will kill you =) *gets bigger knife*
You can't judge someone for something their parents did just because their parents did something doesn't mean that they're going to do the same thing because most of the time people don't follow and their parents footsteps
...For two seconds I tought it was Jeremy from BMC. After I was like "Oh wait no, the other one'
Haru_The_Killer Haru_The_Killer 6 days ago
                              Kendall:You Shouldn't have done that..
                              BEN:Hey That's my line!!
AnimatronicDJD AnimatronicDJD 7 days ago
I don't care about my beauty I care about
                              dAeTh =)
I am frickin in love with this guy.  Animal hoodie=key to my heart 
                              Thank you that is all