The Older Sister (1) | spn

The Older Sister (1) | spn

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#58 in Supernatural 

(Completed) Before Sam and Dean, Mary and John Winchester had a daughter named Rayna. She grew up with Bobby as her only father figure because Mary and John thought that they couldn't take care of her so they gave her to Bobby soon after Dean was born. One day, she fatefully meets her little brothers during a hunt. What will happen next?

Seasons: 6-9

I'm on season 6 episode 16 I believe 😂 and I already know thanks to my brother what happens on the season 12 finale
RayRay_44 RayRay_44 Jul 13, 2016
Aye that's my name except I spell it differently, I spell it by Raenah
estone2039 estone2039 Jul 03, 2016
My Instagram in spn_ci_67😄 mines also private so I'll just have to accept u
DamonIsBae10 DamonIsBae10 Aug 02, 2016
That is the stupidest reason to give up a child ever. Like "oh I'm destined to have a son so I'll just get rid of my daughter." But I guess you needed a reason so the plot could move along
DawleeRipper DawleeRipper Aug 01, 2016
Any time I see John and Mary's names together I think of the supernatural musical and immediately start singing in my head "John and Mary, husband and wife, bringing home a brand new life. His name is Sammy. I'm big brother Dean."
heartsforlove heartsforlove Jul 26, 2015
I just love your idea for this book! please update this book as much as you can!!