Trunks x Reader

Trunks x Reader

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Jingle Nells By Nellie_Cake25 Updated May 23

For most of your life, your parents made the decisions for you, from what to wear to who you talk to. Envying your siblings' freedom but not upsetting your parents, you tried to be cool with this, even though talking back means a beating.

Meanwhile, Trunks Briefs has been pulled out of school just to be training nearly 24/7 with his father. He doesn't like to train, yet he wanted to be as strong as his noble father. To him, the only good side is no written homework.

One day your parents decided to let you have a boyfriend, ...but, like always, your parents decide for you...

(Lovely cover made by Kakophony)

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freashcake freashcake Mar 08, 2016
You know you failed parenting,when your child rushing to the fruit section instead the junkfood section.
FemaleGender FemaleGender Feb 08, 2016
I hate bananas *eating a banana right now with a banana smoothie and lastly banana bread* I hate them so much
-K-o-i- -K-o-i- Nov 24, 2015
Trrruuuuue.....but can I at least get a Hershey's cookies and cream bar with that?
sindra- sindra- Oct 17, 2015
I hate bananas but I'll just pretend they're apples or deal with it XD
pikachudure2001 pikachudure2001 Jun 30, 2015
Hey if u want good episodes and don't want to par anything go to anime and u have to go through commercials but only at the beginning before it's start not in the middle so yeah and um good job