Addiction - Troyler AU

Addiction - Troyler AU

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✧layla✧ By smittentroyler Updated Oct 21, 2016

22 year old Troye Sivan is the new worldwide sensation: breaking records with each album and becoming one of the most desired men on the globe.
Being far away from his friends and family, while also finding it difficult to find a long-lasting connection, he develops an addiction to sex and paying someone to spend each night with him. Slowly losing his once bubbly side he used to have, he is left with a dark and mysterious side that no-one believes they can break.
However, a certain guest he invites into his hotel room one night pulls and interesting glint in Troye's eye, and eventually their relationship develops.

This is a smutty fanfiction but there will be only a small amount of triggering material but no deaths in this fanfiction, there may also be a little bit of fluff as the story progresses.

My inspiration from this story is heavily inspired by colour-me-troyler 'Escort' which if you haven't read it by now, I seriously advise you to. It's literally one of the best Troyler fanfictions out there!

Constructive critisism is seriously appreciated! I am a newbie :)
Thanks for reading x

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solacepowered solacepowered Dec 28, 2016
The fact that it says 'tight up' instead of 'uptight' is killing me
toofacedtroye toofacedtroye May 29, 2016
Oh gurl you don't even know what you're getting into tonight hunty
deannaisnotpopular deannaisnotpopular Aug 15, 2016
Oh, I know that band, my favorite song by 500 days of summer is She looks So Rachet
DhruviSoni DhruviSoni May 27, 2015
I knew by this book's description, it's going to be something like Escort.