Teasing Mr. Fischbach: MarkiplierxReader {Dirty} (18+) ✔

Teasing Mr. Fischbach: MarkiplierxReader {Dirty} (18+) ✔

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Brittany By Cutiplier Completed

***Winner of the 2016 Fanfiction Awards - Category: Best Audio/Visual Fanfiction***

We've all had that teacher we found attractive. Or at least I did.
I often found myself daydreaming about them... 

I guess you could say this story takes place in an alternate Universe, where the very attractive YouTuber, Mark Edward Fischbach better known as Markiplier is no longer a YouTuber but your sexy 12th grade English teacher.

Disclaimer: Will most likely contain a few smut scenes to some degree. Not written with the intent to arouse. Story not suitable for all ages. Please read at your own discretion. 

Book number: 1 of 4

(Completed June 6th 2015)
Copyright© All Rights Reserved - Cutiplier 2015

lash_tagl lash_tagl May 19
I'm quite sure that every single fan girl or someone under the age of 18 will ignore the 'before we begin' and just keep on reading
I can already tell I'm gonna love this story. If there is a mature warning at the beginning you know the author knows how to write 👌🏼
LacyMesh LacyMesh Jun 29
Not written for the intent to arouse? Lol dude this is what I came here for. If you ain't promising arousal, byeee. Lol
I need that tattooed on my soul so I can use that sh*t in my daily life.
MintSpice_ MintSpice_ Jun 12
Don't mind me lol I love N.W.A. so much, they're my favorite rap group
I'm chill with adult content, soo... I guess I'll start reading!