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❧ Soul Tear ❧(On Hold! Slow Updates - Heavy Revisions Chapter 16 + )

❧ Soul Tear ❧(On Hold! Slow Updates - Heavy Revisions Chapter 16 + )

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𝓇𝑜𝒷𝒾𝓃 𝓉. 𝓋𝒶𝓁𝑒 By darkocean Updated Mar 17

Under heavy revisions, the book is on hold. Slow updates. The book is readable up to chapter 12. Am rewriting many chapters to fit in the storyline, plot and epic back story. 

The back story will be added last. I will show a new date in the titles when a chapter is done. 

Right now I'm ironing out the wrinkles in the story so it all just slides towards the ending. For that to work the foreshadowing edits, flashbacks, and back story. But not too much. 

Are you dizzy yet? I am. And I have to do this all by memory my notes are now gone. *Sigh* Well, back to reading every chapter endlessly to make sure the plot stays straight (well, subplots don't count as they tie in too.)

Anyway, thank you for being patient.

When I'm done, this book will be way more satisfying and shouldn't confuse any longer. 

Please add to your library if interested in reading it. Once I start updating new chapters again, it'll be a binge until the end. 

Count on it!

- dark

Merryn Dentree is a 70-year-old Elven priestess (20 in human years,) who gave up her quiet life to help her people. The only way to do this was to infiltrate the human city and become a thief through studying the dark arts. 

But the rune seals that bound him to the ancient Book of Souls have begun to leak an evil presence, in the form of shadows that are corrupting the minds of the people.
The initial plan was to bring the book back to the other Spirit Adapts, to be destroyed. Yet minutes after handling, the runes broke and the god's spirit attached to Merryn, devouring her life force with each passing day. 

As she raced back home in a desperate attempt to save her sanity and life, a fight rages within, the god rips into her heart and mind.  

     To die is to bring the end. 

The Ancient heart beats a song of carnage ... a blood lust never satisfied.
Thanks much to @Dante_Greywolf for help with the blurb as I suck at commas.

darkocean darkocean Dec 31, 2016
😁Col, glad you like it's taken ages to get to this point.
darkocean darkocean Jan 27
This chapter has been edited again and have crunched the word count down from 3475 word to 2715. :) Everything is still there just condensed, so should read even faster.
Rune magic, niiice! So many things can be done with this. I hope to see plenty more of this in the rest of the book as well 😇
darkocean darkocean Jan 01
Soul Tear now has 15k reads, thank you all!  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Could be...Bad things tend to happen to main characters in novels, especially traps
cheytaylor1 cheytaylor1 Dec 12, 2016
You know how to write action really well! You and I have something in common! Great job!