(On Hold)❧ Soul Tear ❧ Book One: The Last Spirit Adapt

(On Hold)❧ Soul Tear ❧ Book One: The Last Spirit Adapt

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Robin T. Vale(darkocean) By darkocean Updated 2 days ago

Merryn really didn't want to steal the Book of Pordicion but with the magic runes on it weakening it was only a matter of time before the god trapped in its pages awakened. The six elvin adapts said the runes would hold...

Many thanks to Dante_Greywolf for helping me fix things. 

I do apologize for being an awful slow update writer! When this book is done I'll be taking a break from fantasy and working on a completely different kind of book, as a thank you for any fans that waited this out.

Update: 3/27/19

To work on: 

1. Finish the current revision. 

2. Fix the dialogue formatting. - In progress

3. Fix the lack of inner thoughts, up it say 1-10% or so find where they would fit. -In progress 

22 chapters left to fix.

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