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[GxG] Teenage art prodigy Persephone Hamilton and reckless, overall despicable Erin Lugo have only one thing in common: a burning desire to annihilate the other in anything and everything requiring a brush and generous amounts of paint. 

They'll have to put aside their rivalry for a while, though, because they're supposed work together in the biggest painting competition of the year, and both need the win. But things are never that simple. Sure, they have the best chance at winning if they team up, but they are Erin and Persephone, and they'll have to find a way to do it before destroying each other first.

[Previously titled: Art Rivals]

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MrToastyboy MrToastyboy Apr 02
I love how this is something that everyone should feel about themselves and there art, this girl been tryin for 3 years to beat her and she doin all the stuff we told to do when we have low self-esteem don't judge her just because you can't be that proud of your work
I hate ppl like her people like this make me want to throw a supreme  brick at their  face
Art ain't about perfection  kid art is about a series of meaningful imperfections brought together in order to create a story
Why does this not seem healthy? I mean there is doing art with a passion and there is doing art to prove a point and for competition.
She calls everyone else children, yet she sounds like a child....
Clump of dirt....... I'm sorry, the word clump makes me giggle and probably picture the painting in all the wrong ways..... that sounded a little dirty. Its not, the word cump is just hilarious to me.