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[GxG] Teenage art prodigy Persephone Hamilton and reckless, overall despicable Erin Lugo have only one thing in common: a burning desire to annihilate the other in anything and everything requiring a brush and generous amounts of paint. 

They'll have to put aside their rivalry for a while, though, because they're supposed work together in the biggest painting competition of the year, and both need the win. But things are never that simple. Sure, they have the best chance at winning if they team up, but they are Erin and Persephone, and they'll have to find a way to do it before destroying each other first.

[Previously titled: Art Rivals]

whimlen whimlen Jan 24
Also I realized.. Persephone like the goddess of the underworld and spring?
Jordan5365 Jordan5365 Jan 21
500 dollars, girl I'm broke if you don't want it hand it over to me
_HArINe_ _HArINe_ Jan 21
But I don't like this part of her. She's a sore loser *shrugs*
Onaskellis Onaskellis Jan 04
                              Is Erin Eli's cousin?
                              I don't remember exactly, but I think you mentioned it
KittenLoner KittenLoner Jan 18
Persephone Hamilton, Persephone Hamilton, got yourself a problem she can Persephone Handle It
thatevanescentgirl thatevanescentgirl 20 hours ago
yess finally a character with self esteem who knows who amazing she is!!!