Deception | Sequel to 21M (on hold)

Deception | Sequel to 21M (on hold)

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♥️ d a n i ♥️ By silhouette_styles Updated Apr 22, 2016

| Book 2 of the 21 Murders Trilogy (ongoing) |

Falsehood and betrayal has sliced alliances and feelings into fragments. As Noelle and Harry scuffle to rehabilitate their own relationship, tribulations from the past bring even more laborious dilemmas to the forefront. 

Internal Affairs is fierce to pull Harry apart from his position as Chief Commander, and with his father missing and on the run, only he can undergo the aftermath from prior omissions. Even though snags have uprooted Noelle's life, nothing could ever fully prepare her for the major repercussions yet to come. She finds herself handling an even more demanding battle when private matters and lies stretch further amidst her and the ones she loves - bewilderment and manipulation playing a large part in everything she once thought she knew. 

Deception isn't an elaborate mirage. It's the most true reflection of one's self yet to be put on display. With the curtains pulled back and nothing more to hide behind, let's see what happens when all they are is honest. 


If you haven't read the first book (21 Murders), please don't advance until you have. It can be located on my page or at this link:

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produce1234 produce1234 Jun 24, 2016
I love your writing so much. Excellent plot, fantastic characters...
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
I would like more, more! The pacing was on point. Crazy good! Vivid scenes.
Samantha1D1 Samantha1D1 Nov 09, 2015
I'm back bish hello I've been gone for about a minute but I'm back hi hello
nojeonchu nojeonchu Oct 19, 2015
i finished the first book in 2 days cause its so bloodyy good my body is ready
JonasKryptonite JonasKryptonite Oct 17, 2015
OMG this is so good! I'm jealous of your writing! I really can't wait for me!
prettymidnights prettymidnights Oct 17, 2015
Everything about this story is so INTERESTING AND I LOVE IT bhcgjvsujb