Antidepressant {Fred Weasley}

Antidepressant {Fred Weasley}

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*mature rating because of language*


This is the rewrite of Learning How To Laugh Again. 

I feel confined within these walls that are depression, these walls that are glass, these walls that are closing in. Everyone peers in, unsure of how to act, so they just watch. They watch me get crushed between these walls. 

All except one.

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That’s not how most anti depressants work. That’s how depression work you can’t feel anything you cut to feel. Anti depressant help so don’t dis the anti depressants, they can make you feel worse but that is something you should discuss with your doctor
KaittyHunt KaittyHunt Feb 03
depends in the meds they all have different side effects my doseage isn't enough so I still wanna kill myself and I cut on a dailt basis
kitkat406 kitkat406 Feb 23
One of my friends keep me up till midnight and then precede to wake me up at quarter to eight.
Idk about y'all but my depression makes me a funnier person like I'm always laughing and makeing jokes to hide my true feelings but still a funier person
demi-smith demi-smith Nov 27, 2017
Also me but I don't take pills it's just natural 4 me to not have any feelings and have depression . Deep ik
A_I_Neptune A_I_Neptune Dec 13, 2017
Sounds like me. But I don’t really have paranoia. Just anxiety and depression.