The Beauty And The Beast Of Fairy Tail High (NaLu)

The Beauty And The Beast Of Fairy Tail High (NaLu)

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• M • By FabledFlowers02 Updated Feb 18, 2017

She was a nerd who dressed conservatively and stayed away from gossip. The blonde who didn't exist in the eyes of those like Lisanna Strauss. 

Of course, Lucy didn't hate the youngest Strauss sibling. And Lisanna didn't hate her either, till Natsu Dragneel. The school heartthrob and captain of the football team, who would unexpectedly fall for a certain blonde nerd. Hard. And everything would change...
(c) Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and it's characters are property of Hiro Mashima.

"A high school love story between a timid beauty and a protective beast with  the heart of a hero."

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QuixoticEnigma QuixoticEnigma Mar 25, 2017
Raise your hands if someone ever mentions or eats Lasagna, you thought of Lisanna Strauss.
cherryblue8 cherryblue8 Mar 17, 2016
I say this in every story including a bishy Lisanna
MoonLiteBeauty MoonLiteBeauty Apr 02, 2016
it this completed or am I gunna get to the end and cry cause I have to wait
LuxenKitten LuxenKitten Apr 23, 2016
"Juvia was absolutely head over heels for him and Gray, being the nice guy that he was, just ignored her." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is awesome.
--QueenOfHell-- --QueenOfHell-- Jul 10, 2016
Juvia does not stalk him she admires him from a distance 😂
kawaii_geekers_8792 kawaii_geekers_8792 Feb 21, 2016
Look Lucy I'm your new mama and I say that you can only blush around Natsu . *turns around with evil thoughts * wahahahahahah now they are sure to fall in love whahhahahahahah 
                              Lucy: what are u doing