The bad boy saved me (Complete)

The bad boy saved me (Complete)

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My name is Allison Day. My mum died in a car accident and my dad ignores me and my brothers for his 'wife', Sapphire. I can't cope. 

My name is Alec Ryder. My dad took off when I was 5. My mum tries her best. I'm a typical bad boy. 


Allison and her family moved to Lindale for a new start. She moves next door to her high school's bad boy, Alec Ryder. 

She suffers severe depression. She has her walls built so high and thick not even Godzilla could break them down. 

Can Alec bring her out or will she forever shut out the world? Read to find out. 

*** contains mature content. Suicidal thoughts, self harm, bad language.***


cutekyky cutekyky Sep 10
U left a 5 year old unattended and your asking question? Man shut up
lily500455 lily500455 Oct 24
"Mommy told me to never talk to strangers 
                              "-younger me
                              Later on
                              "Sure I'll give you a ride random stranger"older me
                              Lesson: you can't talk to random strangers but you can give them a ride
This book has a lot of the same details as one of @cherry_cola_x 'a books like names and the same town name
tanitweety tanitweety Sep 30
calm down. You guys just met. Do you expect her to pour her life history to you? :')
animegir1 animegir1 Oct 01
If bad boys are the guys who don't give a shite, smoke, fight, shag a lot of girls etc then about 70% of the guys in my year are ones, I ain't fallin for none of their nasty asses
lizzilove1133 lizzilove1133 Jun 29, 2015
this book is almost the same as the bad boy stole my bra wow