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Christie By LindaCCherry Completed

For years Wolves and Humans had been at war with each other. Countless lives on both sides had been lost and Humans were slowly becoming extinct thanks to the strength and viciousness of the Wolves. To end the war and save what Humans remained, the Elders forged a treaty with the Wolves, giving them control of the lands once governed by humans. 

But one Elders' hatred for Wolves would destroy the treaty, giving the Wolves the right destroy the Human race.

Welcome to the new world order.  

A world where being Human is now a crime in itself.

A world where Human males were killed on sight, no questions asked.

A world where Human females were sent to Carcere and put on display for the unmated male Wolves.

A world where you were either accepted or put to death upon rejection.

A world where one person's choice can change everything.

**Cover by Suganthii

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