Arranged Marriage To A CEO

Arranged Marriage To A CEO

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Jenny_M By JennyMg_5762 Updated Jun 03

He grabbed me by my wrists and pinned me up against my bedroom wall. We were so close that i could feel his warm breath softly hit my cheeks. He was tall. I tried to fight away but i didn't succeed. His grip would just get tighter. I can see the want in his dark blue ocean eyes that i can easily get lost into. 

His well built body was against my weak small one. I don't understand it. I don't understand why i feel so intimidated by him. Why? He doesn't even like me. I mean absolutely nothing to this rich CEO.

At that moment he whispered near my ear, "I want you..." 

I could feel the want and need radiating from his body onto mine.

In real life they actually don't do that . That's just in movies and books
Heyyy!I have just started reading and I quite like the description so good luck.I am getting a positive vibe from this book :D