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The Queen of Egypt

The Queen of Egypt

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anippeammon2 By anippeammon2 Updated Jun 24, 2015

Can you imagine being 15 and you thought you were just going on a class field trip and somehow you get transported into ancient Egypt and everyone keeps telling you that it's your job to save Egypt? I can't! But that's what happened to 15 year old Anippe.            You wouldn't believe anippes  new life!

Ok for the game, how would you describe Anippe? As in what does she look like and what is her personality like?
It's good, it would be better if you went back and fixed the flow though, you'd probably end up really hung in the rankings tbh,
Sainthollow Sainthollow Jun 05, 2016
So this is like Alice and wonderland but with a Egyptian twist?
XxAng3lFirexX XxAng3lFirexX Mar 11, 2016
Love this story! Keep writing, don't let that pesky writers block get in your way! :)
callistasooyenteng callistasooyenteng May 30, 2015
Does she have some special powers? if it is real why is she well I dunno a queen? and why her name is Anippe?
CJbooklover611 CJbooklover611 Mar 02, 2015
Interesting start to the story but I won't play the game yet coz I am not that deep into the story yet but I will later on!!!