Don't Think About Escaping {Riren}  [Yandere!Levi X Eren]

Don't Think About Escaping {Riren} [Yandere!Levi X Eren]

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Yuujin By TsukaaShiro Updated Jan 30, 2017

Levi walked down the stairs to where the chained boy was kept. 'You're NEVER going to escape from here.....' [STORY CONTINUED BY @shot_of_jager_]

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-UltimateHoe- -UltimateHoe- Dec 26, 2017
What... but the smiling titan... those three assholes who killed mikasas parents
So I read the biooooooooo...kkkkiiiiiilllllliiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg sssstttttaaaaaalllllllkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg
InFiresMan_MYG InFiresMan_MYG Aug 02, 2017
I can relate to hangi in this I can NEVER stop laughing but then again I can be scary like Levi
DestinyGoneCrazy1 DestinyGoneCrazy1 Apr 30, 2017
How come there saying stuff like corporal and testing but they died in a CAR CRASH. WAAAIIITTT HOLDUP
butforwhythough butforwhythough Mar 26, 2017
That's right..... it was just a...... car crash and some ..... "murder"..... that's exactly what...... happened
Awww Levi! You should have let him finish before you scared his answer away!...although that could have very well Ben the answer in the first place