Izaya x Reader 101

Izaya x Reader 101

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Shiin 🌈 By shiinkun Updated Aug 15, 2016

*time rewinds*

Y/N POV [A/N: Everything is in your POV]

It's the first day of high school and it's my everchanging start. Hates and Bullies everywhere is middle school due to the nerd-iness that I once had. Now, my nicely curled hair is long to the waist, and my skirt is now half the length as it was in middle school. Now, I wear white canvas shoes, with ankle socks, and no longer bulky velcro shoes, and high white socks. I no longer have my spectacles on, except with the resolution of only using it during classes. But the purple oval glasses that I once had, is now a more square-ish black frame. 

Unfortunately, I had spent most of the time curling my hair with difficulty, and ended up being late for the first day at school. Upon reaching the front gates of the school, it was already closed, and the national athem was playing. Out of respect, I immediately stood to attention, till the whole song finished playing. I had no idea how to climb over the gates, and into the school compoun...

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