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"Because in order to fix and heal, you have to be broken and shattered first. How can you experience heaven without hell? Warmth without cold?"  

In Which Jamie discovers a series of letters in her mailbox from a boy she's never noticed but who had been there right from the start.

#85 in short story 27/04/15

• i am aware that this book is unedited and hence full of grammar errors. Please don't comment on them because i know of most of the errors pointed out to me.

elysiani elysiani Jun 16
I catch the 4:00 train! 
                              That was totally irrelevant. Ignore me.
niki6613 niki6613 May 23
I honestly thought this was gonna be romantic n all but this is different. I like it. 👌
mizu_yume mizu_yume Jul 22
Somehow, this have a different feeling from what I expect (I don't know how I should explain my expectation) but it really caught me on!
Oh wow, the last line got to me.
                              "I just added the underscore because I think it looks snazzy."
                              Oh my duuuudes.
This needs to be a thing people just do. Bff anonymous with the user Typo however you want it written
this is amazing. oops i farted, i guess i rly have to get on to the next chapter...