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Olivia By vote4kiba Updated Jan 07


Naruto knew pain more than anyone. After searching his whole life for something worth fighting for...

He found her.

All characters besides my OC's are owned by Masashi Kishimoto;
All art is owned by the original artist.

_mishmash_ _mishmash_ Feb 16
I read this in a teenage girl's voice as if he wasn't trying to steal a scroll but set his best friend up with a cute guy. 😓
pepewriter pepewriter Dec 01, 2016
*Me reading iruka taking the hit for them*
                              Me: nice
                              *Me reading iruka saying those words*
                              Me with tears in my eyes: nice
onepiece_nakama onepiece_nakama Sep 02, 2016
~one jump ahead of the bread line one swing ahead of the knife~
Th3Lorax Th3Lorax Jan 08
To create clones they don't say transform they say clone jutsu transform is henge not cloning
Animehair Animehair Jul 04, 2016
I don't like how Shea stronger than Naruto. This happens in every fanfic.
undertaletrashlol2 undertaletrashlol2 Oct 01, 2016
aww man.. now I have to spend the next hour voting and commenting how good this is.