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Destiel One Shots

Destiel One Shots

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Nananana989 By Nananana989 Completed

You hear about people falling in love all the time, what about an angel and a hunter? After watching Supernatural, the sexual tension between Dean and Castiel led me to thinking I should write some one shots.

There will be mentions of other ships in the stories, but it's mostly focused on Destiel. I'm waiting for it to become canon. It's taking forever. So, I hope all you Destiel shippers out there like these sets of one shots! Love ya!

Sam: "like I said, son of a bitch doesnt 
                              *cas shows up* "Hello"
It's 2:06am and everyone is sleeping and I'm trying so hard not to laugh 😂😂😂
Lacisix Lacisix Feb 08
'Poor moose'
                              Me in basically every episode
                              Poor moose, he's high on demon blood
                              Poor moose, his brothers dead
                              Poor freakin' moose, he's crying... Oh god no, -starts sobbing- POOR MOOSE!
B-But - wh-what happened with the - I don't - wHAT¿¡  _: (´ཀ`」 ∠):
mlgbaconlover12 mlgbaconlover12 Sep 07, 2016
And then there's ship love,witch is full of tension,jealousy and fluff *caugh*DESTIEL*caugh*
Sara_Mikaelson46 Sara_Mikaelson46 Dec 27, 2016
Is Adam writing this? From hell? How the heck did you get internet there?