Edge of Insanity ☢️ B. Talbot [B1]

Edge of Insanity ☢️ B. Talbot [B1]

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S. By penetratorarchie Completed

That first look at our rivaling team. One look at Liam's enemy,Brett Talbot,was all it took to think I was going insane. 

I had seen him before, we used to go to the same school before Liam got kicked out. I had never talked to him. But right now everything seemed so different. 

Both teams of our teams glaring at eachother, mostly just Brett and Liam. They've hated eachother since I can remember, Brett hates him because of what he did to his coach's car and since Liam was captain when he wanted to be. So whenever Brett started hating Liam, he did the same.

From where I was now,on the field waiting to start, Brett actually looked different. Maybe even cute, but that's crazy, I'm suppose to hate him. 

That one time he made eye contact with me, I thought I saw his eyes flash the slightest bit if yellow, if they did then he's a werewolf.

I probably just imagined it.

I must be on the edge of insanity.

{I don't own teen wolf,only Skye Dunbar and some plot line/s}

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ShadowTheBeast ShadowTheBeast Apr 29, 2018
I would be pissed (other then being a werewolf) my sister makes me read this stuff I'm a boy
grimreaxper grimreaxper Feb 28, 2018
than when in comparison then like "I was not the same back then"
Destiel8 Destiel8 Aug 24, 2017
I got a blank space baby and I'll write your name. What is your name? I can't write it unless I know it
touboche_nahla touboche_nahla Jul 09, 2016
Damn......I'm sitting here eating candy and not even attempting to run one lap