Anime Yaoi

Anime Yaoi

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Levi_Jaeger By His_shortasscaptain Updated Feb 28

This is going to be a book full of anime yaois. I haven't seen all the animes so I'll do my best to write/type it. But there are some rules:

Readers: Choose a yaoi couple.

My Job: Type up the story as best as I can.

Hitachiin twins (Hikaru x Kaoru)
                              Kyoya x Tamaki 
                              Mori X Honey
                              Ciel x Sebastian
ErenxLevi from AOT 
                              YukioxRin from Blue Exorcist 
                              KanamexZero from VN
                              RinxHaru from Free!
                              HinataxKageyama from Haikyuu!!
                              Or not. It all depends on if your up for them......
Saitama x genos from one punch man 
                              Conan x kaito kid from detective_conan 
                              Kaito x akaito from vocaloid 
                              Note : the left one is the uke 😊
dragonfujoshi dragonfujoshi Jul 20, 2015
Here's a few
                              Natsu x gray (fairy tail)
                              Hinata x kageyama (haikyuu)
                              Naruto x Sasuke (naruto)
                              Any two boys from ouran high school host club (OHSHC)
Ny3la_Cat23 Ny3la_Cat23 May 21, 2015
what da f #k is with the picture?!?! is that Lelouch and Suzaku?? oh . . . my god . . .
belive- belive- May 20, 2015
levi x eren from attack on titan or maby you can try to write about some free! iwatobi swim club ships or maby from durarara but idk tho :D