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Voldemorts Grandson

Voldemorts Grandson

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Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez By IncrediblyRandom Updated Dec 11, 2016

PERCY wanted to live normally... Stupid old Fates. Turns out he has another evil grandpa. Dumbledore and Harry come to get him. But did they really need to knock him out?
HARRY is furious. His worst foe is rising somehow again and this time he has a freaking grandson. They have to get him before Voldemort but should they trust him?

UPDATE!!!!! I have broken my computer and it is going to get fixed soon. I will update right when it is fixed! I swear it on the River Styx!!! Until then I am going to go through and edit on my phone and tablet. Love you all, sorry for the inconvenience.

Purple_Fangirl Purple_Fangirl Jul 01, 2016
That's the reason why he's expecting you to know him, cause of his family being killed and not him.
Davarvone23 Davarvone23 Jul 04, 2016
Me: that's because Voldemort killed both his parents and tried to kill him
                              Percy:.......oooooohhhhhh whoops *cough* AWKWARD!!!!!
                              Me: * Facepalm * you are such a seaweed brain
                              You are so lucky I SEA the good in you 
                              Ehehehehehe get it see sea *cough* OK
                              Percy: AWKWARDER
                              ME: that's not a word
Hatekolifeko12 Hatekolifeko12 Feb 20, 2016
Imagine Percy saying that to Potter when Potter says the words 'bloody hell'
Kaylee_Amazhang Kaylee_Amazhang Apr 04, 2016
No, of course you didn't! He's just looking at you like that because your evil grandfather who has been trying to kill him for years did
Kaylee_Amazhang Kaylee_Amazhang Apr 04, 2016
Am I the only one who wonders why Harry never acts spitfull to Sally? I mean, he should actually hate her MORE than Percy because, while Percy is Voldemort extended family, Sally is actually his immediate family. I'm not trying to hate, I've just never understood this
kathlean0295 kathlean0295 Jun 20, 2016
Hey, at least when you go over to grandpa Kronos's house you can bring grandpa moldy shorts and they can chat about how to kìłł there grandsons over tea.