The New Nanny

The New Nanny

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Emily By ruthless-ruth Updated Sep 22, 2016

*warning: I am a very slow updater due to never having time to update nor able to get the write works out of my head. Read if you want, I find that what I have already written is quite good but read at your own risk*


What are the possibility to loose your job and then gain one in the matter of a hour and a short conversation? Not very likely. Nor is it very likely for your boss to be a hunky single dad looking for a nanny. Throw in a crazy ex, disappointed mothers, horny brothers, and a flash of the past, you get freaking roller coaster.

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sweetmarmar sweetmarmar Jun 15, 2017
U need to go back to school an finish your education my girl
It actually is not, because I am currently writing a story based on a dream I had that was last year. I am surprised I can even remember, I usually don't even remember my memories when I was little.
Amrak324 Amrak324 Aug 09, 2016
I get jealous of everyone's damn teeth. Mine have these weird ridges and chips and they don't meet in the front so there's a gap when I'm smiling(it's why I only smile close mouthed). What's the point of naturally straight, not really yellow teeth if they're terrible.
Amrak324 Amrak324 Aug 09, 2016
Nah I do that all the time, my book Breathe was from a dream that I split. The sequel is a lot better because it was the climax of the dream.
Amrak324 Amrak324 Aug 09, 2016
What if you've been offered a job that requires you to? What if you're family is struggling and you're forced to take on some of the weight? What if you go to a school that isn't teaching you anything because your area is terrible and poor or something?
Amrak324 Amrak324 Aug 09, 2016
I'm glad I've finally gotten around to reading this(it's been burried in my library for months)! You seem like a super chill author.