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When I See Him Standing There (Jelsa Highschool)

When I See Him Standing There (Jelsa Highschool)

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♡♡♡ By kittykittenkat64 Updated Jan 01

You know you're deep in love when you acknowledge their flaws and love them more because of it.

Jack and I's relationship is not fairytale perfect. Far from it, actually. It was fragile, brittle, and frail. It's been broken several times. But you know what the important thing is? We had the courage to build it up again out of a million pieces and make it into something invincible.

We look at each other and forget our own names. Words get tangled up in our mouths, woven into a ball of meaningless sentences. Laughter tickles our throats and happy tears blur our sight. The way our eyes burn into each other, with the comforting knowledge that only the other could see through the icy blue color and gaze at the warmth embedded in the stare... It's beautiful.

And I don't want that with anybody else.

We fell into the deep, dark ambyss called love, knowing the other would catch us.

We hit hard. But sometimes, the fall is just worth it.


It all started with Starbucks, two drinks, and incredible clumsiness.

And, to say the least, it changed their lives.

When Elsa met Jack at a nearby Starbucks, she'd sworn she'd seen him before. Turns out, she has. He goes to her school.

The two hit it off, and soon enough feelings are taking flight, hearts are being poured out, and confusion nestled its way into two teenagers' messy minds.

Two lives full of friendship, puppy love, heartbreak, jealousy, revenge-seeking girls, ignorant players, utmost tragedies, and never ending drama. 

Elsa and Jack aren't perfect. Nor are they everything you want to be.

They're just teenagers.

And this is their love story.

(Note: Most cliché Jelsa story ever, but guaranteed to give you the feels :) Undergoing editing as of 2/19/17)

kittykittenkat64 || Wattpad 2015-16-17

Fancy_As_unicorn_118 Fancy_As_unicorn_118 May 24, 2016
You say this is terrible writing in the first chapter, but this is amazing
Rhonda_Frost Rhonda_Frost Feb 15, 2016
I thought Anna was gonna say something like: oh I stayed longer because I saw u talking to a BOYYYY, EEEK TELL ME EVERYTHING, SPILLLLLL ELSA!
AngieleneTecson AngieleneTecson Feb 13, 2016
One Question I cant Read Anything In this Chapter Or their is Really Nothing Written
Absolutely_Positive Absolutely_Positive Jan 11, 2016
Yet we get an entire play by play on your entire wardrobe choices
                              Thanks Elsa.  
newtiescutie newtiescutie Dec 28, 2015
This is it. This is the line. You bought me, I'm reading this fanfic
ari25768 ari25768 Nov 22, 2015
Ok just want to say right now I love your explanation of the story when you look at the story cover