The Work of the Angels - H2OVanoss [Fixing Typos]

The Work of the Angels - H2OVanoss [Fixing Typos]

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Renai By ToxicRenai Updated Jun 16, 2015

Lui, David, Marcel, Craig, Tyler, and Brock all have one thing in common, they love to kill. With this love for killing they formed a gang named The Angel Killers, which is run by the one and only Jonathan, the killing machine. 

Living in Los Angeles they are known for their ruthless killings but are still yet to be found by the police. 

Being the most infamous group of killers, they have enemies, enemies that out to get them.

But when Jonathan meets a familiar man, something changes, not just for him but for his friends also.

Who are the angels? And who are the demons?

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TheMostTrashOfTrash TheMostTrashOfTrash Nov 08, 2017
This is how I describe me and my best friend's relationship, we both love the death of innocent people.
11SKuLLCaNDy11 11SKuLLCaNDy11 Sep 17, 2017
I live in the South and it's soooo weird to read or say "you all" XD
Arukira Arukira Mar 14, 2017
I love how Delirious is aware of how weird it is, but also thinks its unique.
ezznii ezznii Nov 23, 2016
Every h2ovanoss fic ever XD 
                              Thats ridiculous jon...
                              Really ridiculous
                              Ahahhah *winkwink
kazoooie kazoooie Dec 19, 2016
*Mouth waters*
                              The thought of killing is awesome!
                              The blood, spilling in your fur, on your weapon.
                              It is a hastle to clean off the blood in your fur and hair though.
Foxy_Wolfy Foxy_Wolfy Feb 01, 2017
OMG i could  remember this book when i had it but i have to get it away. I really want to keep this book for ever and ever so that i can read it again and again.but i cant 
                              Want a cookie?