You Complete Me (Yato x Reader)

You Complete Me (Yato x Reader)

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(Y/n) is an ordinary regalia, but maybe that will all change with the help of a one and only god...

"She is like my other half. I will always stay by her side."  - Yato


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Cover was made by myself. The art used for this cover does NOT belong to me, therefore that credit goes to the original artist. Furthermore, I do not own Noragami or the characters.

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                              He is like the cutest thing ever
                              But Yato's the one of the hottest
YouKenRun YouKenRun Mar 30
First of all, My hair is medium, straight like a spaghetti and raven-ish brown
I rather have black, but dark blond is my real hair color so it's ok
*Hugs precious yukine tightly while crying dramatically*
                              MAH BABEH....YU CANNOT DO DIZ TO HIM.... NAH HIM PLEZ.....
tangledmuse tangledmuse Mar 26
Finally, not that usual musk scent or whatever. This is reality people! People sweat😂 I love this story already
Now that I notice...He can  know our thoughts right?                    sooooooo
                              If we like him he WILL know!