You Complete Me (Yato x Reader)

You Complete Me (Yato x Reader)

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(Y/n) is an ordinary regalia, but maybe that will all change with the help of a one and only god...

"She is like my other half. I will always stay by her side."  - Yato


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Cover was made by myself. The art used for this cover does NOT belong to me, therefore that credit goes to the original artist. Furthermore, I do not own Noragami or the characters.

                              He is like the cutest thing ever
                              But Yato's the one of the hottest
YouKenRun YouKenRun Mar 30
First of all, My hair is medium, straight like a spaghetti and raven-ish brown
*Hugs precious yukine tightly while crying dramatically*
                              MAH BABEH....YU CANNOT DO DIZ TO HIM.... NAH HIM PLEZ.....
tangledmuse tangledmuse Mar 26
Finally, not that usual musk scent or whatever. This is reality people! People sweat😂 I love this story already
Sorry about the "sekki" mistake guys, it's already been a long time since I wrote this so I thought it was too late to change it. 
                              I was very new to Noragami back then so I didn't know what was going through my mind. If you guys want me to change it, please let me know. 
                              Your Author
alethea-exe alethea-exe Jan 17
Yukine is not here right now please leave a message after the beep
                              Congrats. You've just been trolled.